Andy Rotherham has a must-read in US News on the imminent fight over the reauthorization of ESEA.  The major question is whether or not there is a coalition for the questionably popular law, given the current leadership in the House and Senate.  It’s not clear that critical legislators have enough common ground to make things work (hence the weak pun in the post title).  The whole thing is great, but of course I’ll pull the piece relevant to turnaround:

“Substantively, the law does need some changes. The accumulating evidence indicates that standards-based reform by itself will be insufficient to truly transform today’s public education system, so bolder ideas are essential … There are some hopeful signs. Duncan’s emphasis on expanding successful charter schools and turning around low-performing schools are as important as they are overdue.”

Acquiring data without strategies to act on that data will lead to nothing but missed opportunities.

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