RtTT Reax

The blogoshere is humming with reactions to the final Race to the Top guidelines.  A quick sample:

Eduwonk: “To some extent they do reinforce the view that the tragedy of Race to the Top is that the Department of Ed has to spend this money at all – the anticipation may well have leveraged more state-level change than the actual program will.”

Flypaper: “The final documents, though still possessing a reform bent, are more measured and certainly more workmanlike.”

Tom Vander Ark: “Most urban districts will have more than 9 of the lowest performing schools in their state and will be prohibited from DIY ‘transformations.’  That means a lot of turnarounds (which require 50% staff turnover) and closure restarts—far more disruptive but far more likely to result in real improvement.”

Tom’s point may be the most relevant to this blog.  The turnaround provisions remained strong (although one colleague asked me if we had been “demoted,” since turnaround counts for fewer points than teacher effectiveness).

I’ll write up a more thorough take on the rules this weekend, but for reformers, there’s not much to be unhappy about.

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