File under: “Couldn’t have said it better”

Quick note on the Detroit article referenced below.  Killer quote follows, vis-a-vis Barbara Byrd Bennett’s ability to drive change there:

“Barbara knows all of the challenges; she knows what the hiccups are,” says Michelle Rhee, chancellor for Washington, D.C., public schools. “At the end of the day, she can be as great as anybody, but if there is not the political will and infrastructure in place to support reforms, it’s not going to matter.”

Below the surface of education reform, debates rage about theories of change.  Some argue that human capital is the key lever; in short, “it’s the people, stupid.”  Others argue that the institutional structures create such impediments that the only route to reform is organizational change.  Rhee nails the fact that – unsurprisingly – it’s both, and attempts to do one exclusive of the other are bound to fail.

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