Tough on Turnaround

Hat tip to Alyson Klein at EdWeek for sorting through the new School Improvement Grant requirements that dropped today.  We had a lot to say about these when they came out – almost all positive – and we’re thrilled to see that the department decided to hang tough.  Key statement from the final requirements:

Over the course of the past eight years, States and LEAs have had considerable time, and have been able to tap new resources, to identify and implement effective school turnaround strategies. Yet they have demonstrated little success in doing so, particularly in the Nation’s persistently lowest-achieving schools, including an estimated 2,000 “dropout factories.” [States] have thus far helped no more than a handful of these schools to successfully restructure and exit improvement status, in large part, we believe, because of an unwillingness to undertake the kind of radical, fundamental reforms necessary to improve the persistently lowest-achieving schools.

Them’s [the federal government equivalent of] fightin’ words!!  Major kudos to USED for staying strong on this, it will only mean a better chance for the millions of children in struggling schools.

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