From the Field: State Updates

School Takeover is Key to Mich. Education Reform
The Associated Press
Dec. 28, 2009

“The most dramatic change in state education law will start with the listing of the state’s lowest-achieving schools by Sept. 1… The list will include roughly 170 schools… Each school on the list will be placed under the supervision of a yet-to-be-hired state school reform officer… He or she would act much like a superintendent and school board, making decisions related to both academics and finances.”

Miss. Superintendent: Give Board Consolidation Authority
The Associated Press
Dec. 29, 2009
“Tom Burnham, who will take over for his second stint as superintendent of education in January, says lawmakers should considering allowing the state Board of Education to consolidate districts that it takes over and to establish charter schools in those districts… Burnham said he is making the recommendation because ‘in my mind you don’t give it (the school system) back to the people who allowed it to fail to begin with.’ With consolidation or charter schools, he said, ‘You are creating a new governing structure.'”

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