Is this the decade of ed reform?

I’m off to Kenya in a few hours and will be there for a couple of weeks.  My wife and I are going to attend the opening of the WISER secondary school for girls in Muhuru Bay.   Very exciting!!  We’ll keep posting important turnaround news as it comes up, but I’m taking a break from commentary.

But to leave you with something interesting, here’s Kevin Huffman starting off the New Year with a WaPo piece on education reform.  While it took a backseat to other domestic and international issues in 2009, education could be the sleeper issue of 2010.  Check out yesterday’s “All Things Considered” discussion with E.J. Dionne and David Brooks on Obama’s first year outcomes.  Here’s Brooks at the end:

“Race to the Top is the single-most successful program he’s done. It’s changing education reform in state after state … Rahm Emanuel calls it the invisible revolution, but it’s really having bigger effects than almost anything else he’s done, save health care.”

Happy New Year!


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