Randi Weingarten Responds

Randi Weingarten responds to last week’s National Journal discussion.  I get called out for my “candor,” which I’ll go ahead and take as a compliment.  There’s not a lot of new content in her response, but a reaffirmation of the AFT’s desire to work collaboratively on a complex problem.  Only time will tell on this issue … collaboration is only as good as the results it achieves for children, it’s not an end in itself.  This isn’t just about labor either; management has to show up and be willing to work.  Despite what I said last week about “leadership” on this issue, pride of ownership should always take a backseat to advancing the interests of children.  If the AFT wants to deal on this, management should think carefully and come to the table.  And to respond directly to Weingarten, I will keep an open mind.

Also, congrats to Eliza Krigman – the ringmaster of the NJ blog – for pulling together a consistently interesting conversation.  Jay Mathews recognized it as one of the top ed blogs out there.  The fact that Weingarten was willing to comment – even amidst some truly hostile responses – means that Eliza has cultivated a safe place where folks can test and express ideas on different sides of ideological spectra.  There’s not a lot of real discourse these days, particularly not on the polarized internets.


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