Changing Schools is Hard, Part 4,958

Check out this post at GothamSchools about the closure hearing for a charter school in Brooklyn.  While there are plenty of stories on what happens when districts or other authorities close a cluster of schools, the issues are far more salient when you look at a single school.  You can describe closing 10 schools as a system-wide consolidation, whereas examining the closing of a single school forces one to confront the complicated – and sometimes contradictory – implications of shifting education options in disadvantaged communities.  In the case of this story alone you have: a charter school board that unilaterally changed its charter (illegal), expelled special needs students, and allegedly gave its principal a 33% salary bump midyear.  And yet, you get parents – not irrationally – saying things like this:

“In this community there aren’t many options for these kids,” said Leon Smillie, the father of a second grader. “This is a good option.”

We always say that kids come first, but situations like this illustrate the complexities of actually delivering on the expressed desires of children and their families.

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