School Turnaround Gets Boost in 2011 Budget

In my effort to retain a bloggy balance between our organization’s parochial interests and education reform writ large, here’s something squarely on the parochial side of the ledger. The US Department of Education has renamed the School Improvement Grant program to the School Turnaround Grant program for the 2011 budget.  EdWeek has the whole budget scoop here, and here’s their quick analysis:

” … the proposed budget would include a substantial boost for the Title I School Improvement Grants … The program, which would now be called the School Turnaround Grants program, would receive $900 million, a nearly 65 percent increase over fiscal 2010. That does not include $3 billion allocated for such grants under the stimulus law.”

That’s a big deal.  Here’s the challenge, though:  as the federal money to support turning around failing schools increases, so too will the pressure to spend that money in schools outside of the bottom 5% increase.  We’ll be keeping an eye on that from the School Turnaround Group …


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