Closing the loop …

Kevin Carey does a nice job of closing the loop on last week’s discussion of ideology in the education debates.  Read the whole thing, but I’ll paste his conclusion here, because it’s dead on:

“In other words, it’s not that there’s no ideological content in education debates. We’d just be better of with less of it, including the miniature ideologies of the means-defenders. Education is as close to a universally valued good as they come. The only thing that really unites “reformers” is the conviction that (A) education matters, even for the disadvantaged, and (B) a single system of locally-governed schools is inadequate and cannot improve itself to a sufficient degree. Progress from there isn’t–or shouldn’t be–dictated by a particular ideological impulse or means-allegiance, but rather a disciplined empiricism and a strong awareness of how educational failures hurt vulnerable children.”

3 Responses to Closing the loop …

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