Light posting

Sorry for the light posting at the end of last week.  That will probably continue through this week, as I’m traveling and working on some big writing projects.

To keep yourself busy I recommend reading:

1) Chad Aldeman’s Modest Proposal for NCLB reauthorization.  Quick commentary: one issue on allowing differentiated treatment of schools that miss AYP for different reasons … there’s always the risk that schools with intra-school achievement gaps will use this as an excuse not to change.  I used to work with a high school whose administration would say, “But 80% of our kids are passing!”  Yes, but most of those children were middle-class and caucasian, and the others weren’t.

2) Sara Mead on what should be the natural alliance between school choice supporters and PreK advocates.

3) Rick Hess rails against “it’s for the kids”

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