Do We Have the Technology?

Get an online preview of this coming weekend’s NYTimes Magazine feature, “Building a Better Teacher.”

You should read the whole thing.  There really shouldn’t be any doubt or debate about the fact that the quality of teaching/instruction is the single biggest factor impacting student learning.  Here’s the relevant graf from the piece:

When researchers ran the numbers in dozens of different studies, every factor under a school’s control produced just a tiny impact, except for one: which teacher the student had been assigned to. Some teachers could regularly lift their students’ test scores above the average for children of the same race, class and ability level. Others’ students left with below-average results year after year.

Important to note that qualifier “every factor under a school’s control,” for obvious reasons, but the primary point remains salient.  The quality of eaching matters … a lot.  And it’s differential.  I’ll have more on this later.

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