ESEA Blueprint

The administration’s ESEA reauthorization blueprint is live here.

Not much reaction in the blogosphere yet, since it dropped on Saturday.  I did a scan and didn’t see anything we weren’t expecting.  I’ll do a more thorough read later, but if you see anything in there worth mentioning, post a comment!

One Response to ESEA Blueprint

  1. There needs to be a Greshams Law for Education that explains why bad accountability systems drive out good ones, and bad turnarounds drive out good turnarounds. I can’t think of a worst prospect for Mass Insight’s priniples than forcing an expansion to 5000 schools at a time when money is going to be a more serious problem.

    I can’t think of a worst prospect for Comparability, renegotiating seniority, toughening teacher evaluation, reconstituting staffs at turnaround schools, and preventing those schools from just rehiring staff from one failed school at other failed schools than to impose it all at the same time on urban districts, while letting suburban schools off the hook. Imagine the exodus of urban educators to low poverty schools if the new ESEA proposal was enacted.

    Above all, I can’t understand why the authors of The Turnaround Challenge would sign the EEP’s open letter on ESEA. Politically, I can see why you’d want to have connection with that alliance. But in terms of the substance of actually improving poor schools, you need to come over to our side.

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