What’s next for Detriot?

There’s been little national paid to the ongoing saga in the Detroit Public Schools.  I think that’s unfortunate, so I’m going to start talking about it more often.  I’ll start with the “total transformation” plan that was released last week, covered here and here.  Here’s a really interesting quote:

“This report is not about the Detroit Public Schools and it’s not about charters, it’s about educating children and what it’s going to take for us to get to quality education and access to quality education for every child in the city of Detroit,” said Carol Goss, CEO of the Skillman Foundation.”

This is a strong statement, particularly since part of the plan is to move towards mayoral control of schools.  Detroit was dead last in NAEP this year, the schools are a fiscal disaster, and the economy of Detroit – and Michigan writ large – isn’t going to do the system any favors.  I’ll help you keep an eye on this.

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