I’m sorry the posting has been really light lately … I’ve been on the road for a solid 2.5 weeks, and I’m trying not to punish my wife by blogging when home!

In any event, this is a little late, but I wanted to publicly congratulate Delaware for their RtTT win.  (Tennessee, much love for you as well.)  I was in the 1st State* today, and I can report that the entire populace is glowing.  Kidding aside, Delaware has established strong state level leadership to drive all four assurances.  Moreover, I’m glad the reviewers and USED recognized that Delaware would be a smart investment.  Given the size of the state, and its institutional infrastructure, it’s easy to see how strong solutions can be implemented and scaled statewide.  Whereas the path to implementation is less clear in larger states with oodles of LEAs, DE provides a good laboratory for dramatic reform.

Also, a quick note on the flack that USED is getting for picking states with 100% stakeholder buy-in.  I sympathize with the naysayers on this, as I’m concerned about future applicants’ ability to move forward on aggressive plans that may alienate some intractable stakeholders.  But you have to balance aggressive plans with the ability to implement those plans.  I might personally agree with many strategies that have weak stakeholder support, but I wouldn’t necessarily bet on their successful implementation.  A wise friend once told me that when it comes to change management, “Culture eats strategy for lunch.”

*First state to join the union, first state to win RtTT … coincidence?  Probably.


One Response to Delaware!

  1. Before you go all high-dee-ho on stake-holder support here in DE you might want to adjust that belt. The swift and sneaky way Mass Insight got its MOU has left a whole lot of stake-holders less than enthusiastic.

    In fact, there is all sorts of smoldering ashes ready for a bit o wind.

    Take in the discussions on Transparent Christina, Kilroy’s Delaware or other blogs focused on education in our state.

    I hope you expand your input beyond the warn receptions at Rodel and the Chamber of Commerce and get to the city gatherings where you are going to need these actual physical humans buying in for their kids’ sake.

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