I’m sorry for the light posting lately, lots of big projects and an insane travel schedule.  A few quick things:

1) Great quote from internet philosopher Clay Shirky, with potential prescience for education reform: “Revolution, in any field, means the old stuff people used to do starts failing, and most of the new stuff people try fails too.”

2) I spent Tuesday at this little school in New Jersey and guest spoke – with ed reform giant Jon Schnur – at an undergraduate seminar on education reform.  Shout outs to both Professor Leslie Gerwin and Princeton Students for Education Reform for helping to create the seminar.  Pretty amazing to see undergraduates passionately engaging on the history and substance of reform efforts.

3) My take on the Florida teacher bill over at National Journal.

One Response to Sorry

  1. john thompson says:

    Yeah, and I couldn’t believe your take. For teachers, this is a “Which Side Are You On?” moral issue. If you want collaboration, you have to realize why we have to fight that sort of bill to the death.

    My paycheck comes from the district. My ability to teach comes from the union. I don’t see how a self-respecting teacher could remain in the classroom of a state without tenure.

    And if you want tenure reform, like union moderates do, you’ve got a funny way of showing.

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