Colorado Teacher Effectiveness Bill

Three former governors joined the sitting Colorado governor to support the teacher effectiveness bill – proposed by Sen Mike Johnston – that was voted out of committee last week.  Lesli Maxwell points out that three of those four governors are democrats, and that Roy Romer has real education bona fides as former LAUSD superintendent. This bill isn’t as aggressive or controversial as the Florida bill that Charlie Crist vetoed last week, but it doesn’t mean it won’t go through without a fight, as the union opposes the bill.  This creates an interesting tension for the state’s Race to the Top architecture; the bill is necessary to make up ground on teacher effectiveness reforms, but passing the bill could cause substantial decreases in stakeholder buy-in.  Andy Rotherham points out similar dynamics in other states.


3 Responses to Colorado Teacher Effectiveness Bill

  1. john thompson says:

    I followed your link, and asked how teachers are supposed to support a bill to “tie” teacher evaluation to test scores. Seeing that there are an infinite number of invalid ways to use test scores, and a very few valid ways, how can teachers support something sight unseen?

    Then it was explained “the bill’s author, shaped the measure so that the adoption of a new evaluation system and when it would start to be used for tenure decisions would be spread out over a few years.”

    Again, how can you gamble the future of education and teachers on a process?

  2. Okay, how about an alternative worth close consideration. Just wrote a post that discusses the idea of “job hopping” and why it is good for teachers. More adroitly, this idea forces a more stark reality that school districts, like companies need to adapt how their recruit, retain, develop and promote talent. Conventional wisdom says stay in your job for a long time and be rewarded. Well, companies have undergone this transformation to know this is not a valid model for human capital development and certainly not the case for teachers. Hope you find useful in the ongoing discussion.

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