Reax on Central Falls

Folks are starting to react to the Central Falls agreement.  Rick Hess says this is what happens when tough negotiations work.  Andy Rotherham says “wtf?!” – this is what happens when negotiations spiral out of control.

Who’s right?  I’m actually closer to Rick on this one.  Per my post last week, no massive change to entrenched interests ever happened without a struggle.  Where I agree with Andy, though, is that not all negotiations over chronically low-performing schools can go like this.  Per my thoughts in the Christian Science Monitor article, I just don’t think folks are going to look at what happened here and say, “Wow, I can’t wait to engage in that process myself.”

More likely, folks will say, “So, this is the result when political tensions are maximally high,” and skip a good portion of the drama in favor of a more rational collective bargaining process and outcome.

Yes, I’m an eternal optimist.

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