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Regular readers will notice that we’re going through some blog design changes.  We want it to better match the design concept of our new website.  Stay tuned, we’re not done yet!


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  1. john thompson says:

    Both were good articles full of shades of gray. One paragraph is pretty representative:

    “..a recent report that “most students in Chicago Public Schools continue to fail.”5 Nationally, turnaround schools have seen “lackluster” results.6 While there have been “scattered, individual successes,” according to a widely cited 2007 report by Mass Insight Education and Research Institute, research finds “very little enduring progress at scale.”7 Citing extensive research in California, Ohio, Maryland, and elsewhere, Andrew Smarick writes in Education Next, “overall, school turnaround efforts have consistently fallen short of hopes and expectations.”8 Likewise, while some charter schools such as Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) schools and the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) Promise Academies have been highly successful with low-income students, those models have limited applicability to the nation’s five thousand lowest-performing public schools.”

    But given the infamous Steve Brill article of this week, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    When can we expect responsible reformers to say “Have you no shame, sir?” When will turnaround specialists with a sense of reality repudiate the dishonesty and the scorched earth politics of Brill, Rhee, the TNTP, etc., and challenge Duncan, the Ed Trust et al. to get their evidence straight?

    You can’t continue to repudiate “straw men” in the abstract and remain silent about the mercenary misstatements of facts by fellow reformers- can you?

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