Today’s Hot Topics

NCLB dispute moving to Congress?

 On June 7th, the U.S. Supreme Court refused a case filed by school districts and teacher unions, which characterized the No Child Left Behind Act as an unfunded mandate.  Now, the National Education Association vows to bring this issue before Congress.  The argument will likely become about state and federal relations and the potential renewal of the ESEA.  Changes to the ESEA stand to affect all of us in the education community, and this will be an important debate to watch unfold.  Read an EdWeek article on this topic here

Plan to increase principal training

 U.S. Senator Michael Bennet has introduced a bill that would replicate a successful principal-development program that he started during his tenure as superintendent of Denver Public Schools.  Through daily meetings, monthly principal institutes, and summertime sessions, Bennet explains that the program, which was a success in Colorado, should expand to other states.  The initiative aims to increase collaboration between school leaders.  Bennet’s proposed Lead Act would provide federal funding to train and develop principals, who would then lead turnaround efforts nationwide.  Read the full article from the Denver Post.

A community calls for school turnaround

 An unfortunate situation is playing out in a Philadelphia high school; parents and community members are frustrated because the school district is delaying school turnaround, which they believe is badly needed.  The West School Advisory Council, which was charged with deciding who should revamp West Philadelphia High School, is now firing back at the Philadelphia School District.  On Wednesday, the parent and community council released the following statement: “We feel offended and dragged through the mud.  The unnecessary delay of this process has harmed our school community.  Our turnaround cannot wait any longer.”  This statement is in response to the superintendent’s recent announcement that she plans to delay the transformation of the high school.  Read the full article from The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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