Spare the Reform!

Via EdWeek and others, we’re learning that some of the competitive, reform-oriented federal grants are at risk as congress is scrambling to “find” money for the jobs bill.  Including the Teacher Incentive Fund and Race to the Top.  Duncan and his team are pushing back pretty hard, as they should.  Tim Daly from The New Teacher Project sums it up really well:

“Remember, they went and sold these reforms on the basis that there was significant funding to be gained,” Daly said. “It’s going to raise a lot of controversy. It’s a bait and switch.”

I think this is exactly right.  Many state education leaders and lawmakers went out on serious limbs to bring home the bacon on these grants.  Laws were changed.  Regulations were amended.  I can see a huge backlash, not just against RtTT, but against future federal reform efforts, if this budget fix sticks.  The amount we spend federally on education is relatively small, and to suggest that we “rob Peter to pay Paul” on this one defies logic.


2 Responses to Spare the Reform!

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  2. john thompson says:

    No its not a bait and switch. Duncan didn’t want to have to cut back his programs. It seems like words are just tools for Daly. He and his organization will say anything to win.

    Obey is making a common sense compromise. You, of all people, should see the need to slow down in the light of cutbacks. There may or may not be a huge political backlash, and that’s what you all seem to be focusing on. But if turnarounds fail in substance, there will definitely be a huge backlash. Shift gears from politics to the substance of educational reform, and supporting Obey’s moderate compromise is a non-brainer. The Turnaround Challenge, as usual should be your bible. Its time to “co-opt,” to scale back, to be a team play, and remember “no buy-in, no reform.”

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