Digging Into SIG

For my money, there’s nobody in the media doing a better job investigating and reporting on SIG – a HUGE grant program – than Lesli Maxwell.  Her recent exploration of California’s application and approval is worth a close read.

One Response to Digging Into SIG

  1. john thompson says:

    I know you can’t explicitly answer a lot of the obections I raise, so I appreciate your answer to Maxwell.

    “Ideally, the timelines would be longer because, from my perspective, any good systematic change requires a heavy amount of thought and planning, particularly when you are talking about personnel changes,” said Justin Cohen, the president of the School Turnaround Group, an arm of the Boston-based nonprofit Mass Insight Education and Research Institute, which is working in six states.”

    But your next statement seems like whistling past the graveyard.

    “At the same time,” he said, “the timeline could help weed out [schools] that weren’t terribly serious about doing this in the first place.”

    Turnaround schools aren’t applying to SIG grants because they believe in the process. They are applying because they have a gun to their head. What good would it do for students to weed those schools out, meaning that the inherently destructive process of firing people would remain but there would be no money to rebuild?

    Even in schools where people are open to buy-in, school is about to start and what is it that people are supposed to be buying into?

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