Monday Morning QBs

Sorry the posting has been light for the last couple of days.  I’ve been in Colorado since Wednesday, a state whose education reform community continues to lead by example.  RtTT or not, some folks talk and some folks do.  Colorado does.*

In any event, I’m sorry I didn’t offer any deep insights on the RtTT results, but I really don’t know how much value all of the “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” adds.  Yes, there certainly could be improvements to the process, but trying to discern a meaningful storyline is bound to be an exercise in futility.

That said, if you read one thing, read Rick’s interview with Louisiana State Superintendent Paul Pastorek.**  The last thought is right on target:

“I do think Arne [Duncan] would observe that the process is good but can improve. But I don’t think it’s fundamentally flawed. I think we need to give them credit for setting up a very good program. And I don’t think we ought to try to convince them it can be a better process, because I don’t think that’s what’s important to them. I think what they care about is whether you can drive change in schooling all the way down into schools through policy. I think that we’ve seen that you can, but that it [comes down to] a question of focus and implementation.”

What I’m most afraid of is that folks will act as if the grant award on Tuesday was an end and not a beginning.  You can’t let folks off the hook for implementation, and the onus is on the public generally – and the reform community specifically – to hold folks accountable for doing the right things with the money.

*Don’t sue me, Motorola.

**The School Turnaround Group does some work in both CO and LA, and – as has becomes a routine disclosure in the blogosphere – we provided advice to some RtTT applicants.

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