Apples to Apples?

Sawchuk did a quick and dirty job last week of describing the critical differences between the teacher contract that was adopted in DC, and the one the one that was rejected in Baltimore.  Key graf:

For instance, local regulations in D.C. gave the district the ability to design the teacher-evaluation system unilaterally, whereas the Baltimore evaluation system must be worked out jointly, and accord with new state laws and regulations governing evaluation. And the proposed Baltimore contract totally re-envisioned the compensation structure, whereas the finalized D.C. contract deals with bonus pay, but not the issue of automatic “step” and “lane” increases.

I actually think that the DC contract goes farther on compensation than is acknowledged here, but the basic point is that there are substantial contextual differences to take into account when assessing these contracts against one another.  The other important thing to keep in mind – which Sawchuk alludes to – is the extent to which contract-exogenous factors influence labor-management relations.  Contracts are critical, but so are state regulations, state laws, local regulations, and policies.  Just because something isn’t “in the contract,” doesn’t mean it isn’t codified somewhere else.

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