Questions about the “perfect classroom?”

I mentioned this before, but I’m moderating a discussion tonight – hosted by – at the Newseum in Washington, DC about the future of classroom design.  I’ll be firing off questions to a school leader (David Ethan Greenberg, Founder of the Denver School of Science & Technology), a federal official (Jim Shelton, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Innovation and Improvement at the U.S. Department of Education), an ed school professor (Leanna Archambault, Assistant Professor at Arizona State University’s College of Teacher Education & Leadership), and an architect (Isaac Williams is an architect with Fielding Nair and assistant professor at University of Maryland).

Question to readers: what would you ask?  Post your questions in the comments sections, and I’ll post the most thought provoking ideas tomorrow!

2 Responses to Questions about the “perfect classroom?”

  1. debryc says:

    I know this comment is late, but I do hope that this topic will be touched upon!

    What is the best way to integrate technology into the classroom so that is it a natural and everyday part of learning? (With a particular focus on using technology for student content creation and for immediate assessment and feedback).

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