The Magic School Bus

No, not the awesome children’s book series, but the real thing!  Check out the Edweek story:

“The Pope County district is participating in a unique new program: It is playing science and math content over ceiling-mounted computer screens during the lengthy bus rides … The district is working with Vanderbilt University’s Aspirnaut Program to turn the bus into a mobile classroom of sorts. The program, founded by Arkansas native Billy Hudson, works with rural schools in Arkansas and Maine to help educate students in science, technology, engineering, and math … The project aims to engage students—and take advantage of the fact that they’re a captive audience with few distractions …”

Three quick reasons why I love this idea.  First, it’s a wonderfully innovative way to deal with the challenges of rural schooling.  It takes forever to get kids to school?  Boom, give them instruction on the bus!  In some scenarios you’re talking about 2+ additional hours of learning time.

Two, creative entrepreneurs can really build off of this concept.  Someone should sponsor a prize to the first person who can find a cost neutral model to deliver successfully a year of science standards through one bus route’s learning platform.  Paging Tom Vander Ark.

Three, my managing director Meredith claims she and I had this idea first when we were working at DC Public Schools.  Too bad it’s just 1% inspiration …

One Response to The Magic School Bus

  1. jim kohlmoos says:

    Interesting ideas! this would make Ken Kesey proud, yes?

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