Which Politics are the Important Politics?

In the course of talking about a  Malcolm Gladwell piece on labor-management relations, Andy Rotherham hits a very important point about education politics:

Sometimes local teachers union leaders do things that could create a pattern of having school administration singing their praises … That can create problems with their members and not-infrequently create political space for someone to challenge them for leadership  … So on top of a complicated set of policy issues there is a complicated set of politics, too.

The education reform community – if it’s a definable community – is pretty deep on policy and pretty shallow on politics.  That’s starting to change, but the reform community’s political bandwidth still is dwarfed huge players in the establishment.

But I think the more salient point here is that particular politics are more important than others.  So much policy and political commentary gravitates toward federal policy, and that’s arguably the least important thing to attend to in education.  As Andy suggests, a local union election can hold more import for school reform than any presidential election.  Less sexy?  Certainly, but serious reform efforts will need the political bandwidth to be extremely local in a lot of places.

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