New Publication: Creating Internal Lead Partners

Our newest publication, “Creating Internal Lead Partners for Turnaround,” examines the role and and structures of Internal Lead Partners (ILPs) in district turnaround strategies.  

Internal Lead Partners or ILP-like strategies have been launched in a few districts and states, but the concept is still new. Although we are bullish on the work of external Lead Partners, as a recent report from Education Sector points out, scaling up school management organizations can be expensive and challenging. SEAs and LEAs with the commitment and capacity could consider this internal complement to the external Lead Partner.

Establishing an ILP alongside external Lead Partners establishes a portfolio strategy that has the potential to impact a greater number of students and schools. The internal Lead Partner also creates opportunities for districts to scale up best practices that are adopted or designed with the district in the Partnership Zones.

Stay tuned for our upcoming publications on state policy for turnaround and MOUs/Partnership Agreements.